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What made Yash Chopra a legendary film director? – Star of Astrology

What made Yash Chopra a legendary film director?

What made Yash Chopra a legendary film director?

Yash Chopra, a legendary Bollywood film Director, was born on 27th November 1932 in Lahore, now Pakistan. Chopra’s career has spanned over five decades with over 50 films and he is considered one of the leading filmmakers in the history of Hindi cinema.

To begin with, have a look at the Lord of Scorpio ascendant, Mars, in the 9th house. Although debilitated in Cancer, it is one of the most favourable house for the Lord of ascendant to occupy. It means that he made his career after the age of 27 years, which coincides his directorial debut with Dhool Ka Phool in 1959.

The Lord of 12th house Venus in the 9th house, with the Lord of ascendant Mars and Moon being the Lord of 9th in the 10th house with Jupiter, means he moved away from his birth place, Lahore.

Venus and Mars together in the 9th house aspected by Saturn in its own 3rd house made him the “King of romance” of the Indian cinema. The opposition of Mars and Saturn gave him a success in technical field, i.e. film direction.

The Lord of 9th (luck) Moon in the 10th house (profession) and lord of 10th (Sun) in the 11th house, with Mercury in its own house in Virgo, is excellent combination for a successful career. It makes ‘Raja Yoga’.

The Moon and Jupiter are an excellent combination in the 10th house. From my experience, the Moon and North Node combination, or opposition, gives tremendous imagination and that’s what he portrayed in his films. Although Jupiter and the South Node combination give good spirituality, it always takes away success at least once in a lifetime. From the late seventies till 1989 marked a professional setback in Chopra’s career as several films he produced or directed in that period failed to leave a mark at the Indian box office. It also relates to his main period of North Node (Rahu) at the time. Although Rahu is in friendly sign of Saturn, it is sat in the 12th from Rahu, making Rahu in capable of giving positive outcomes. However Saturn occupying its own house means it did not destroy his career.

Saturn in Capricorn, in the 3rd house, also the lord of 4th, gave him courage, boldness and enthusiasm to work right until he passed away.

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