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Question Chart

Question Chart

Most people know about their birth place, however, some people are uncertain about their time of birth and in some cases about their birth date. I have come across instances when I was given approximate time of birth. Normally an Ascendant changes the sign after about two hours. If in the given time frame, Ascendant remains the same than you have to look at the transit of Moon to ensure that it is not changing the sign within that time. After predicting past instances and circumstances you can eventually find approximate time of birth.

However, the main period, sub‐period and sub‐sub period plays an important role in predictions and it is calculated based on the degree of Moon. This may change since the exact degree of Moon is absent. Under these circumstances, I prepare a Question Chart. Question Chart is based on the date, time and place when A question arises or when a question is asked.

A lady from Birmingham rang in distress asking for future predictions. She did not have her time of birth. Therefore, I noted the date, time and place when she range me and prepared a Question Chart (see above). The Chart is of 3rd May 2011 at 11.25am (when she rang) and place Birmingham. To ensure that I was on the right track, I asked her if her questions were solely about her, i.e. not about her family, partner, Parents, etc. She agreed. This is because Moon was in the first house. Generally, the position of Moon indicatesThe type of concern people may have, influenced by the planet(s) it is sitting with or being aspected.

The lord of 12th house Jupiter is in its own house with another two benefic planets, Mercury and Venus. I asked if she was planning to go abroad for some auspicious reason and she said she was going to go to India to attend a Wedding. On the negative side, given that all the three benefic planets were in the house of expenditure (12th House) her Question was mainly related to her debt and financial situation in the future. Sun, Moon and Mars aspecting the 7th house and the lord of 7th house in the 12th also indicated that she had split with her partner.

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