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Chart Analysis – Star of Astrology

Chart Analysis

Chart Analysis

From Rags to Riches

This birth chart is of a native who was born into a middle class family and is now a very wealthy person. Let’s look at the analysis of this chart:

Lord of the Ascendant is Virgo and its lord, Mercury is in the second house, house of wealth.  The lord of second house Libra is Venus in the third house aspecting its own 9th house, house of luck. Mercury and Venus are interchanging houses, i.e.  Mercury is set in the house of Venus and vice versa.  Mercury is also the lord of 10th house, house of business/profession.

The lord of 4th house and the 7th house is Jupiter sat in exalted position in the 11th house, house of benefits.  He married the only daughter of a rich and well-known film producer.  The Lord of 11th house Moon is again exalted in the 9th house, aspected by the lord of 9th house lord, Venus.

9 planets occupying 8 houses, 4 plants (Saturn, mars, Jupiter and Moon) exalted and Mercury and Venus gaining lordships of their own houses through interchanging houses, makes perfect ‘Raj Yoga’, meaning powerful and wealthy like a King.

The native started an export business in the early 80s. Subsequently he bought the company which manufactured rugs and carpets for him. In the late 90s he floated his company on the Stock Exchange and is now rolling in millions.

The only negative aspect is North Node in Sagittarius, where it is depleted. It is in the 4th house, the house of happiness and Mother and he have still not found inner happiness.

The native was born on 16th October 1955.

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