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Cookie Policy – Star of Astrology

Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Privacy Statement
We are committed to protecting your privacy. Authorized employees within Star of Astrology on a need to know basis only use any information collected from individual customers. We respect the sensitive data of our users, we protect their privacy and we never share this information with other organisations for marketing, market research or commercial purposes.

The information that we collect from our visitors of your website does not recognise their true identity and additionally the cookies are used in order to improve the user experience.We constantly review our systems and data to ensure the best possible service to our customers. We safeguard the mail contact from any unauthorized access/unlawful use for subscribers to our e-Newsletter. Parliament has created specific offences for unauthorised actions against computer systems and data. We will investigate any such actions with a view to prosecuting and/or taking civil proceedings to recover damages against those responsible.

What is a Cookie?
A cookie is a text-based file located onto your computer containing information that can be accessed by our website. Generally, cookies help enhance the user’s experience whenever they visit our website. There are 3 basic characteristics of cookies:

1. Statistical reporting
We can be helped by statistical reporting in order to enhance the features of our website for users needs.

2. Behavioural Advertising
Users can conduct a search for a certain product for which they are interested in. The cookie can identify the product for which users are interested in and consecutively the cookie will display advertisements which are relevant to the users queries.

3. Tracking conversions
When users visit our online shop, they can browse products and consecutively they can select products for which they are interested in purchasing.  In other words, we use cookies to recognize users and speed up the shopping process the next time they visit our website.

Type of Cookies
The most common types of cookies which can be found on most websites including ours are:

  • Advertising – These cookies are also anonymous and they store information about the content that users are browsing. They are used by advertising networks to serve relevant ads to users.
  • Geotargeting – Completely anonymous and identifies the country that users comes from.
  • Google Analytics – These are also completely anonymous as they do not recognise the true identity of you, the user. These cookies are solely used to collect information on how users use the website, which pages they use more often, from which country they come etc.
  • Registration Cookies – These cookies identify on which account users are signed in with. Also it enables, the use of other server-side technologies such as sessions.
  • Strictly Necessary Cookies – These cookies are strictly necessary, essential to enable you to move about a website or to provide certain features you have requested.
  • Third party – Social media sharing buttons (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc).

Managing Cookies
There are various ways that you can control and manage your cookies and most modern browsers will allow you to:

  • See what cookies you’ve got and delete them on an individual basis
  • Block third party cookies
  • Block cookies from particular websites
  • Block all cookies from being set
  • Delete all cookies when you close your browser

Any settings you change in your browser, whether you use Internet Explorer:, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or Safari will not just affect our website’s use of cookies. These changes will apply to all website’s that you visit (unless you choose to block cookies from particular sites). Also any preferences will be lost if you delete cookies. If you block cookies completely many website’s including ours may not work properly and some functionality on these website’s will not work at all. We do not recommend turning cookies off when using our website for these reasons.

Are cookies currently enabled in my browser?
You can check whether your browser is configured to allow cookies, if you visit www.whatarecookies.com and use their Cookie checker. This page will attempt to create a cookie and report on whether or not it succeeded.

If you are concerned about the amount of (personal) data that is being stored on our websites, then please contact us.


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